cloudium application type that server installation in the office.

HW,SW integral package without worry.

How to introduce a system to your company?

There are too many things to examine from one to ten to introduce a system to the company. As the number of used services like server, OS, and DB increases, you have to prepare many things. cloudium will solve all of these at one go!

Connecting to the power + configuration = Begin the document centralization


Install OS and SW and complete the basic composition

Connect Power

Building the system just by simple configuration after connecting to the power


building easily without the complex process

Management point is cloudium Only One!


Integrative management of
HW and SW

Technical Support

If a problem happens to the server, OS, DB, and system, you can solve it by cloudium technical support.

Cost Cutting

You can drastically reduce the personnel, time, and cost necessary for the maintenance because you don’t need to manage separately.

Solve your curiosity through the customer support

If you inquire of us about the cloudium introduction and technical support,
you can receive detailed information through the person in charge.

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