Accounting cloud Document centralization service, cloudium

Billing just as much as using

Document centralization,
now pay as much as you used!

Without the limit to the number of users! Reasonable price measured depending on the quantity! No need for server building and IT administer because of cloudium IDC center.

Inquire about monthly expense anytime!

The efficiency is up, price is down

Simple Procedure

You can use only if you join the cloudium service without building the server

Immediately Use

you can use right away without the manpower or cost consumed for the introduction, management, and operation


you can complete preparing to use by introducing as many personnel as you need and setting the environment simply.

The easiness of management and the level of document security are improved

cloudium IDC Center

You can operate without the manager because there is no need to manage separately due to the use of cloudium IDC center

Perfect Security

protecting perfectly just by cloudium billing service which manages the document and blocks the ransomware

Solve your curiosity through the customer support

If you inquire of us about the cloudium introduction and technical support,
you can receive detailed information through the person in charge.

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