Secure Backup Appliance

Perfectly blocking the ransomware attacking the backup file

It is the backup file appliance which safely protects the critical data kept in cloudium
by blocking the evolving APT and Linux server-attacking ransomware.

Introduction of the secure backup appliance

It protects even the backup file perfectly.

Since it protects your company’s critical data saved in cloudium by the double-triple protective device so your data is very safe from the ransomware infection through the client. However, if your data is infected by the ransomware like recently emerging Erebus mutant targeting the Linux-based system, it is hard to prevent the file kept in the server from being infected.

Secure backup appliance is the 4-kind ransomware blocking technology of cyberdigm. It is a file backup appliance which safely protects the critical data saved in cloudium from the ransomware which infects even the Linux server.

Feature of secure backup appliance

Protecting even the backup file by the ransomware blocking technology by cyberdigm

Fundamentally blocking even the threat of ransomware attacking the evolving APT and the Linux server!

Creating the maximum effect by minimum cost, easily and simply by all-in-one backup appliance

Technology of fully surprising ‘secure backup’

Process control technology for protecting the backup file perfectly

Since it gives only the right to write to the bottom of backup folder only for the designated backup process and gives only the right to read to other unconfirmed processes when performing the data backup, it safely protects the backup folder from the APT and the Linux server-attacking ransomware.

Proactive response technology to the ransomware infection through the incremental backup

Since it backs up only the file which was added after the appointed time when backing data up, although the file of the operation server is infected after the data is backed up, the backup file inside the secure back appliance is absolutely safe.

Not sharing network! Secure protocol transmission method

Ransomware using the weak point of Samba and Window sharing folder(SMB) infects even the backup data connected to the original data and the network. Since the secure backup performs the backup only by the secure protocol transmission method and blocks all the unnecessary ports, it can protect the backup data more safely.

Being on only when performing the backup, fundamental ransomware blocking technology

Secure backup is booted only at the time set by the administer and if the backup performance is completed, the server ends. As the server is closed during the time except the backup performance, it fundamentally protects the backup data from the ransomware’s attack.

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