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Case of building the customer relation

Confirm the valuable experience through the introduction of cloudium and the change of companies which used cloudium by means of customer case!

Why do they use cloudium? Listen to them directly!

We don’t worry about external carrying-out now.

"We can confirm when why it goes out to whom and can prevent the document from going outside unnecessarily so it is very good. And we can manage the documents systematically because we can create, keep, and discard files. "

a company researching, developing, and producing cosmetics

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Handover & take-over became much easier.

"In the past, it was very cumbersome to back up PC, format, and move to the external hard disc if an employee resigns. But now it is very convenient because we can take over if only right is designated although all of the files in the yielder’s PC are not delivered to cloudium. Since the retiree cannot go out with the document, we totally escaped from the worry about lost or loss."

a company which specializes in developing the atmosphere environment technology

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We can confirm the final version although not asking somebody.

"It is very convenient that we can confirm the latest version although not sharing the modified file again. In the past, we thought there were many unnecessary works because we had to share again although we modified even one letter in the same file. But now we only have to confirm the pertinent documents if a comment that the document is shared by URL and modified is given, so the job efficiency rose."

a global restaurant specializing firm

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We can work safely with overseas firm as well as domestic on.

"Since it is hard to monitor the file if the physical distance gets far, the main document is likely to be leakage or lost. But since cloudium applies the same security policy in Korea or abroad, and can manage the detailed history on the main events such as the registration, modification, and deletion of the document, we can manage the file systematically regardless of the physical distance."

a camera module specializing firm

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We share even the bulk design floor plan safely.

"We possessed 500 thousand floor plans, the number of documents registered in one folder was 40 thousand, The computer performance might well fall. But after using cloudium, we could maintain the performance by deleting the overlapped floor plan in real time and manage tens of thousands of floor plans by the classification system so it got easier to find. Sharing the floor plan with the subcontractor maintained the security through the external carrying-out process, and raised the job efficiency."

a company producing the precise processed goods

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A number of companies’ businesses are changing due to cloudium.

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